Fillmore Students Win National Prizes

Students from Fillmore Arts Center have recently had impressive results in 2 prominent arts competitions.
The “Creativity Connects the World” Crayola National Art Exhibition is a nationwide compeition that awards only 50 finalists from across the country.  The winners’ work will be displayed at the U.S. State Department this month.
Out of the 50 national finalists, SIX are students at Fillmore Arts Center, representing Key, Marie Reed and Stoddert Elementary schools.
Many of you also know the wonderful story of Edwin Castillo, a Fillmore student who last won the People’s Choice Award for the Cherry Blossom Festival Youth Art Show by over 300 votes!
This year, Fillmore was very well represented at the Cherry Blossom Festival Youth Art Contest, with three winners out of six in their age categories.
Fillmore students keep excelling.  Here’s hoping that DCPS takes notice of the extraordinary work being done by the students and teachers there.
Let DCPS and Mayor Bowser know you want to fund Fillmore permanently.

The Wonderful Story of Edwin Castillo

The beautiful story that aired on WJLA Channel 7 in 2014 about Marie Reed and Fillmore student Edwin Castillo says it all:  Fillmore is worth keeping, forever. 

See Edwin’s story at[

Any discussion about arts programming in the city schools should include the long-term future and permanent funding of Fillmore Arts Center.  

We appreciate all the support the Fillmore Arts Center has received to date through its petition at, and the thousands of comments about how the program has changed students’ lives.

Fillmore deserves the respect it has earned through its 42 years of programming that have truly affected thousands of DCPS students.