The Friends of Fillmore  is a non-profit, volunteer board which supports the work of Fillmore Arts Center.  This group–made up of parent representatives from our feeder schools, Fillmore staff, and community members–provides communications, fundraising, and event support for the activities of Fillmore.  Funds raised by this group go directly back to the Center to purchase art supplies, instruments, and other necessary items for arts delivery, as well as support summer camp scholarships.

Your support makes it all possible–EVERYTHING HELPS!

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  • Attend Fillmore events
  • Contribute to Fillmore’s work by making a donation
  • Ask a local business to sponsor a dining night or other event in honor of Fillmore
  • Promote Fillmore’s  activities within your child’s school
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and family about Fillmore and get them to participate too
  • Join the Friends of Fillmore Board and use your time and talent for a great cause

Fillmore Arts Center Background and Activities
(Fillmore Arts Center Fact Sheet)
Founded in 1974 the award-winning Fillmore Arts Center serves our community by providing quality arts instruction to thousands of D.C. public school students annually.  The two locations, Fillmore West, located in Hardy Middle School, and Fillmore East, in Raymond Elementary School, are dedicated centers with customized facilities and professional educators trained to deliver instruction in specific arts disciplines.  Students from the local feeder schools for each location are able to explore an array of arts activities, including dance, theater, music, and multiple visual arts media.  The well-rounded nature of Fillmore’s arts exposure develops the 21st century skills of the children who participate.  Thus, students are asked to be active participants in the learning process – making decisions, drawing connections, solving problems.

Indeed the arts make us smarter.

In addition to serving D.C. public school students Fillmore offers after-school workshops and summer camps to school age children throughout the area.  These programs offer Fillmore’s same quality arts instruction at reasonable tuition rates.  Typically, several scholarships are available annually for needy students in order to assure the diversity of our program participants.