What’s the Difference Between the Fillmore Arts Center and Friends of Fillmore?

It’s a question we get all the time: What do the Friends of Fillmore do that the Fillmore Arts Center doesn’t?  Why are there two Fillmore organizations, each with their own websites?

Good question!  Here’s the deal.  The Fillmore Arts Center (FAC) is the DCPS program that provides the invaluable arts education to students from the five schools it serves.  It’s unique in the city, and has been fulfilling it’s mission for over 40 years.

The Friends of Fillmore (FOF) is a parent-led, volunteer non-profit organization that supports the teachers and staff at Fillmore Arts Center.

Think of the Friends as a sort of PTA for Fillmore.  We dedicate our time and fund-raising efforts to Fillmore’s extraordinary teachers and staff to make sure they have the support and materials they need to provide music, visual arts, and performing arts instruction to our kids.  We also help advocate for the Arts Center when the need arises, galvanizing parental support and offering information (like this) so parents have the full skinny on what’s going on.

FOF also helps make sure your kids are exposed to guest artists, contests, and field trips, and that they have the opportunity to participate in performances and art shows.

Like member schools’ PTAs, the Friends of Fillmore need parent volunteers to help guide and support the program.  FOF meets 5 times a year (essentially every other month) and is a great group of 14 motivated parents and teachers from our 5 schools.

If you value Fillmore – and you should – please come to our next meeting on March 7 at 7pm at the Georgetown DC Public Library.

Arts education is incredibly valuable, in no small part because it enhances all areas of academic performance (more on that in an upcoming post).  We hope you will please JOIN US!

What’s Going Down at FAC These Days?

After-school classes have begun in keyboarding, general art, cartooning, sewing crafts, dance, lego animation and digital movie making.  Get information at FillmoreArtsCenter.org, and click on the “After School” tab.

In the coming days, students from Hyde, Marie Reed, and Ross will visit the Kennedy Center for a production of OLIVERio, a take on the classic musical Oliver!, set in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Students will be responding to this presentation in writing and with art.

And be sure to ask your child about what they’re doing at FAC!


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