Keep the FUN and the FUNDS coming…

Prior to katherinestepping down as Principal of Fillmore Arts Center Katherine Latterner made amazing efforts to support the well-being of Fillmore by writing grants for supplies, visiting artists, field trips, and other methods to deepen and broaden the arts experience that your children receive when they attend Fillmore.  This fall we have found out how those seed-sowing efforts have borne tremendous fiscal bounty to assist the efforts of the Friends of Fillmore.

The Friends of Fillmore group was awarded another grant from the very generous Cafritz Foundation which again requires the Fillmcafritzore Arts Center community to provide matching donations totaling $5000, so we may get the corresponding total amount of $25,000.  Also, the DC Commission for the Arts & Humanities made a grant to the Friends of Fillmore for over $11,000 this fall as well.  See our grant listing here.art202




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