DCPS restores Fillmore’s funding for FY14

8862445338_20d02e79a5Thank you for your petition signing and your letter writing and your overall agitating for the Fillmore cause!! Because of your efforts I am happy to report that a letter came from Chancellor Henderson today saying, “we are now able to restore funding to the Fillmore budget that will preserve the school’s budget for the upcoming school year at the same level as the most recent school year. Notably, this will allow the four full-time positions that were originally ‘excessed’ from the budget to remain on the budget for the upcoming year.”

I think the rest of the letter portends a slightly more omnious future, as she goes on to say, “this restored funding will allow the program to continue to serve students at the level we’ve come to expect from the Fillmore Arts program, andwhile we work together to determine how to best support the Fillmore program as more and more schools hire art and music teachers at their home schools.” (with my edits; I have to say that DCPS Central Office staff could benefit from some remedial English classes themselves.)

Read the whole letter And remember to send a thank you to Chancellor Henderson and/or your Councilmember! (All email addresses can be found here.)


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