Stay vocal with the DC Council and Chancellor Henderson

We need to continue to let our Councilmembers know that the Fillmore Speech Bubblebudget cuts are not what we want for our kids! Please send a quick note to your Ward’s Councilmember (see listing below) and cc Jack Evans ( and David Catania, Head of Education Committee of the DC Council, ( and Chancellor Henderson (

All the ward councilmembers received a package from the Friends of Fillmore last week which had signatures from those particular residents in their ward who signed at the Spring Arts Show and Concert, a photo collage of the Fillmore photo frame images, background info on the FY budget cuts and the history of Fillmore’s budget, and a framed picture of artwork by a Fillmore student.

And I spoke with Jack Evans staffer, Sherri Kimbel, today. She said the more vocal we can be, the stronger our case. Please keep up the communications!


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